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This Prehnite Cedar ring is the perfect accessory for nature lovers. Crafted with a striking rose cut prehnite gemstone, sand casted cedar sprigs, and set in sterling silver, this artisanal handmade ring offers a unique, visually captivating design.


Among the Navajo, Lakota, and other Native peoples of North America, Cedar is considered one of the most sacred ceremonial herbs. Many Natives refer to it as “Evergreen Life,” and use it as an offering to the Spirit World, to amplify prayer, to bless and consecrate, and as an aid in visions. It is also used in helping the body and mind in times of spiritual anxiety and stress. In another traditional sense, Cedar is used as a spiritual guide, helping people find their purpose in life and helping them stay on their sacred path.


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Sterling Silver

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Band - 2.8mm wide Face - 10mm at widest point

Care Instructions

Experience the enduring elegance of this carefully crafted range of jewelry - designed to stand the test of time. Skillfully crafted to the highest specifications, each piece is darkened purposely to bring out design or texture, ensuring the perfect finishing touch for any ensemble. To maintain its original subtlety and distinctiveness, it is recommended that you remove your jewelry before swimming, bathing, washing dishes, etc. For optimal preservation, use a jewelry polishing cloth or mild soap and a soft bristle brush, as harsh chemicals or dip jewelry cleaner may potentially damage the stones.

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